Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on March 11th, 2009

Main Event: Press Releases versus Articles

In an epic battle for the King of Content, Press Releases steps into the ring of overall SEO efficiency versus Articles. Which type of content will prevail as the most effective and therefore maximize your website’s campaign? Let’s ring the bell and start this SEO rumble!

Press Releases and Articles square off in round one with heavy keyword prominence, placement and density. They are going blow for blow and there doesn’t seem to be any clear benefit of either in terms of overall SEO. However, Press Releases is getting very fatigued, as its attempt to be used on a daily basis in order to keep your site fresh, your crawl rate up and increase your number of indexed pages has failed to live up to Articles. Articles lands some major keyword hits and is allowing you to keep your keywords to the letter of the latest SEO best practices. Press Releases are clearly unable to be used on a daily basis and their ability to use newsworthy events slowed down its relevancy for daily postings purposes. The final blow was Press Releases focus on keywords takes too much away from the news content. Articles come away the winner of round one.

Round two puts Press Releases back in the fight against Articles with its link building abilities. There is buzz about the arena that Press Releases are very capable of those big, newsworthy links that could knock Articles confidence down a notch. As the match continues, Articles are landing a lot of small hits and link combos that are working very efficiently. However, Press Releases are not out of it yet. They are landing very natural, powerful links, but with less consistency. Press Releases are very capable of that knock-out punch, but it does not come tonight. Articles win by KO.

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