Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on March 6th, 2009

Twitter and Google Maps Help Save Lost Skier

An unofficial Google Maps ‘Mania’ blog that tracks the ‘websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps’ is reporting on its site that Google Maps and Twitter have just been used to help find a couple of lost skiers. The blog reports that a “group of entrepreneurs on a skiing vacation in Verbier in the Alps lost two their party” this last weekend. The two missing skiers are named Jason (no last name given) and Rob Williams. It is known that Rob Williams is an employee of Dolphin Music.

Another member of the skiing party, Alex Hoye, used Twitter to send out the request, then found Jason based on his Twitter location. He then used Google Maps to find Jason’s longitude and latitude. Unfortunately, the second member of the lost party, Rob Williams, was not found and passed away from a 66 ft fall Sunday night. All of Volacci would like to extend their respects to the extended family of Rob Williams and Dolphin Music.

The blog does have a disclaimer stating that the story has been pieced together from a number of disjointed messages on Twitter. It was last updated on Tuesday 2.35 pm (GMT) with none of the party having added any new messages to Twitter in 15 hours. I’m sorry if you weren’t ready for an emotional post today, but I found the story captivating, inspiring and, of course, heart-breaking.

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