The Internet’s Economic Impact

As the economy slowly and steadily pulls itself out of the huge hole it dug itself in, there is one bright side: the commercialization of the web, accomplished in part by online advertising, has taken some important steps for the Internet and its contribution to our economy.

As almost all of our activities get transferred to the web, i.e. banking, shopping and socializing, all activities are either subsidized by advertisers or taking the place of traditional advertising. What this has done, besides created an escape for the increasing amount of unemployed, is allowed the medium of the Internet to continue to be a free publishing and communications platform. F

ree access to information, entertainment, speed and convenience, and social networks are increasing in importance to people’s daily functions. What it also contributes to is the increase of productivity. The advertising-supported web also helps stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, and allows small businesses the chance to get their big idea out there. This also creates new jobs, which there are 1.2 million people directly employed to online advertising and commerce.

There an estimated 190 million people in the United States that spend an average of 68 hours a month online, which translates to an estimated $680 billion in spending, according to Advertising Age. As the Internet grows and becomes a more significant dynamic in the economy, it will be more important to implement search engine optimization tactics in your website. This will ensure that you will get found by the search engines and get your product or service out on the web and on the screen of your target audience.

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