Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on June 29th, 2009

Drupal 7 Gets New Fields

As content management systems (CMS) grow with the web, the core of their software is redefined for each version released. The consensus CMS favorite here at Volacci, Drupal, just made one of those decisions recently by including a new feature in its Drupal 7 release. The feature will allow CMS administrators to define custom content types, or fields, for its system.

Before its inclusion in the core, the Content Construction Kit (CCK) was an add-on module for Drupal, and handled custom content fields. But for Drupal 7, the add-on module is no longer needed. CCK isn’t being moved into the core. Instead, Drupal has taken a new approach to dealing with new information and will now have extensible content fields options in its core system. It will be called “Fields” and its foundation is the internal re-architecting bundled into an API, which will come with a user interface.

In Drupal, each piece of content in the system is called a “node”, and each node belongs to a type of content. A node may be a blog post, article, or web page. Fields can be assigned to any entity in the system. Both nodes and user entities will be supported by extensible fields. With Drupal 7, Fields can be added, edited and managed straight out of the box. This helps increase the overall functionality and ease-of-use of Drupal for its less than savvy users, and lower the adoption barrier for those tentative to enter the developing niche.

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