Drupal’s Competition Stiffens with WordPress 2.8

Last week the much anticipated new version of WordPress (version 2.8) was released for download. Many webmasters, bloggers and CMS fans alike have come to expect great things out of the seasoned system, so the expectations were high. According to the earliest reports, WordPress 2.8 not only lives up to the hype, it presents some stiff competition for Volacci’s favorite platform, Drupal.

WordPress 2.8 is unofficially named “Baker”, after the late great trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker. Apparently, “Baker” has undergone major updates and over 700 bug fixes that improve themes, widgets, taxonomies and overall speed.

WordPress has changed the way it handles style and scripting, allowing the system to process faster. It’s new interface allows users to edit widgets at will, have multiple copies of the same widget, the ability to drag and drop widgets in and between sidebars, and save inactive widgets without losing any settings.

The MVP of the upgrade is the theme browser that now allows users to search for themes based on colors, preferred number of columns, and a fixed or flexible width for the theme. All of these features can be accessed in the dashboard. Filters can now be selected and installed with ease. If you have a mobile finger, WordPress 2.8 will suit you well. For those Drupal fans out there, please don’t be frightened.

Many wise men have said to unwise listeners: “Some of the greatest achievements are accomplished when faced with a worthy adversary. Volacci is the leading Drupal SEO company and very passionate about your online success.

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