Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on June 16th, 2009

SEO Link Building: Implementing Long-Tailed Key Phrases

Utilizing long-tail key phrases in your search engine optimization link building may be the best time investment you can put into the campaign. Keywords that are too competitive aren’t worth going after, especially if you are a smaller business. Long-tailed key phrases help you find your niche market and consumers who are ready to pull the trigger. Once you have your long-tailed key phrases chosen, it is important to understand what to do next.

First, you should find good landing pages for the long-tail key phrases to link back to. This can be achieved in two ways:

1. Find Existing Content

If your website has an internal search functionality, use it. Search for the long-tailed phrase to find existing uses of your key phrases. If something relevant comes up, you have yourself a landing page. If not...

2. Create New Content

The great thing about content is that you can create new and interesting reasons for people to visit your website whenever you want. If you don’t have any relevant landing pages for a key phrase, create one. There are some SEO experts that feel a page of new content a day, doesn’t keep Google’s spiders away.. which is a good thing. You don’t have to create a new web page for every single niche market, but it isn’t going to hurt as long as the content is good.

Long-tailed key phrases tend to be afterthoughts. However, generic, competitive phrases take months to see results, but long-tailed, optimized phrases can get results overnight. You should monitor your progress as the long-tailed phrases are implemented. Not every phrase is going to print you a ticket to the bank, so adjustments may be necessary. Take a balanced approach to your keyword and phrase research and make sure you are taking advantage of both keyword categories. Your link building campaign will yield dynamic and relevant results that form a wider base of exposure for your brand and your bill fold.

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