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How To SEO a Blog

These days, it seems like everyone has a blog. It could be a blog representing your social commentary, personal opinion, industry expertise, or cultural experiences. No matter what your theme is, the wide world of the internet is so vast and swimming with blogs, that nobody may know that you are there. You need to tug on the friendly strands of the web to let people know that your perspective is there, and they can read it. The most important objective you can have to get your blog found is using tactics of search engine optimization. It may be too broad of a topic to cover all that the industry has to offer, but the basics of search engine optimization can help your blog out a great deal.


Keywords are always a great starting point for SEO. You need to find the target keywords or terms for your blog and optimize them. This begins in your blog name. If your blog is called “John’s Blog”, it is not a good name in SEO terms. If the blog is actually about ‘robotics’, then the blog should be called “Robotics Blog”. Utilize the keyword “robotics”.

Enter that keyword into the title tag of the post. If you use a CMS like Drupal, it should take care of it for you.

Enter the keyword into the first sentence of every post you make. The search engine spiders look for keywords in the first few words of your post to judge relevancy.

Repeat this keyword throughout your post, without stuffing it in unnaturally. General rule of thumb says the keyword density should be about 2-3%. Don’t repeat too much, or the readers will be deterred from an unnatural flow of content.

Use the key word in your blog domain, link title and file name. This will improve your blog rankings and help traffic come your way. The more your keyword appears in the elements of your website, the more relevant the search engines will think you are for the keywords you use.

Is Your Website SEO-Friendly?

Some blogs are more SEO-friendly than others. It is highly recommended that you start a blog by using an excellent content management system like Drupal or Wordpress. If you already have a blog template in use and want to know if it is search-friendly, go to Crawler Simulation and enter your URL. This free service will then show you what your site looks like to the spiders. If your site is bogged down with tons of code before you can see any content, chances are the spiders are not fans of your site.

Make your blog structure as simple as possible. Most CMS’ will do this for you as a default. If you aren’t using a blog-friendly CMS, it may be just the same amount of work to switch over to one, rather than continuously conducting the steps of trying to get your blog SEO-friendly on an unfriendly site.

Ping Yourself

Consider pinging on Ping-O-Matic! It collects all the most important blogs on a topic found in the search engines and puts them in one spot. If you or your system haven’t done it yet, go to Ping-O-Matic! and add your blog to their services. By pinging, you are ensuring the search engine spiders will crawl your site more frequently and help you get notices more.

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