Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on July 22nd, 2009

Link Building: Quality over Quantity

Link building is one of the most important elements in any search engine optimization campaign. Google and all the other search engines judge your web site’s credibility and rank value by how many quality backlinks you have built to your site and its individual pages. Credible, quality backlinks give your site authority and you will rank well in the SERPs. These backlinks need to also be authoritative and relevant to your site’s main subject matter. When building links, quality always trumps quantity.

If you are running a bed and bath commodities web site, it wouldn’t make sense for you to link to a Cisco routers web site. The relationship just doesn’t make sense. This creates a poor user experience and cuts off the flow of knowledge that backlinks are supposed to encourage. Most web surfers need a few pages of relevant content and user experience to assign credibility to a site. Relevant backlinks not only build up your authority with the search engines, it also builds up credibility and relevance with the people who could turn into conversions.

It should be one of your main objectives to return a highly relevant, interesting page of content for a link you build. The more quality pages you have linked, the better traffic you will experience and the more conversions you will make. You can use this strategy much like you do with friending people on Facebook or Twitter. You want relevant, interesting people to be friends with you. If you concentrate on how many friends you have, then you will jeopardize the integrity of your friends catalog. Quality people might not want to friend you because you have so many friends that are suspect. Websites need to network as well, and link building is the best way to do so. Google looks at your website’s “friends” and judges them on their quality. Once you have your quality control, then you can build more and more until you have a significant quantity of quality links.

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