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How To SEO Your Shopping Cart Site

When your website is heavily driven by a shopping cart, SEO can be a very helpful way to ensure that your e-commerce is search engine-friendly and easily found by customers. Here are a few SEO tips that will help optimize your shopping cart site:

1. Link Building

The more links you build on your site, the more traffic you will have. It’s that simple.

2. Know Your Customers

If you know what your customers are typing into the search bar, then you know what keywords to use in your simple and concise descriptions, titles and labels. Overly fancy descriptions can hurt your ability to be searched. Err toward simplicity, not whimsically poetic.

3. Use Keywords your page titles, headings H1, H2, meta tags, headings, subheadings, and meta descriptions. Simple, concise descriptions will make it easy for the search engine spiders and real people to find exactly what they are looking for on your site.

4. Meta Description

Well-written, simple and concise descriptions of every product and/or page will help people click your link in the SERPs that much quicker.

5. Unduplicate Your Content

If search engine spiders had pet peeves, duplicate content is their worst one. Remove and reduce any duplicate content you may already have. Most shopping carts allow you to put products into multiple categories. If each listing doesn’t have uniquely written content, it can be considered duplicate content and penalize your website’s rankings and credibility. Also, make sure your content is unique from your competitors, otherwise the page that was published is given the benefit of the doubt.

6. Site Map

An important step in the SEO and website creation process is developing a great site map. Many sites make this mistake and endure months of sloppy rankings before they realize and fix this simple error.

Some shopping cart sites can get it wrong from the beginning by ignoring search engine friendly executions. If you put these tips into action, you will prevent common problems and operate efficiently from the first click.

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