Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on July 8th, 2009

SEO For Bing

Microsoft’s Bing, the latest rock thrown at the Googley Goliath, has been nicknamed the “sound of found” search engine. This new warrior is trying to take a chunk out of the giant’s market share with more refined and accurate searches and a better overall user experience. Those who conduct the majority of their work life online, such as the SEO industry, have been wondering what this will do to online marketing and search strategies. Will Bing’s impact change the SEO game, or is it another Google wannabe?

In Volacci’s experience with the young search tool, there are no significant changes in strategies needed to rank well with the new engine. It still all comes down to the basics:

1. Great Content

Relevant. Engaging. Concise. Normal language. To the point.

2. Relevant Keywords

Strategically placed in body copy, link text, H1 tags and page titles.

3. Inbound Links

Authoritative. Quality. Relevant.

4. Well-Built Web sites

Technically sound. Validated HTML code. No broken links. Appropriate redirects.

It did appear that Bing favored inbound links, particularly from sites that have a high number of relevant, inbound links. Bing also maintains that they are cracking down on rank manipulators and the dark arts of SEO more thoroughly than some are used to seeing. In the end, Bing doesn’t require any new, innovative or wacky SEO strategies that would require a whole slew of how-to ebooks, seminars, or conferences to educate the masses on Bing’s way to work the web.

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