Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 29th, 2009

The Importance of SEO Copywriting

words-letters_0.gifIn beginning, there was the word. The word brought people together. The word made sure everyone was on the same page. Then came the keyword. The keyword helped people distinguish what was most important. When we created a digital communication platform, keywords held even more importance. A few simple keywords placed in the META tag would optimize a web page’s search ranking. However, that was ten years ago.

Search engine optimization and high rankings still depend heavily upon the keywords that make up the copy of a web page, but now this means more than simply fitting keywords into the text. It takes specialized training to write effective SEO copy that engages website visitors and ranks high with search engines. SEO copywriting must sound natural and achieve a balance between optimization and salesmanship.

It is also important to provide new, fresh content for the website by adding new pages on a regular basis. This is a smart SEO move because search engines love fresh content. New pages should follow a theme and be placed in categories. A few examples or suggestions would be product reviews, press releases, customer comments, and how-to information. This type of content should be refreshed often. Be sure to incorporate product related keywords in the title tags, on-page titles and descriptive text in the new content.

Copywriting is very important to search engine optimization. Bad copywriting can damage your brand and drive your would-be customers straight to your competition. Never underestimate the value of a quality copywriter for your business. Volacci is very fortunate to have a whizz with words here in office, and it’s no surprise that our staff writer, Walker, is improving the search rankings for all of our customers. We value the quality of work Walker does here at Volacci and our customers do too. We are fanatical about your ranking, in love with your brand, and passionate about your profit. We are here for you with purposeful, proactive communication that guarantees that you will make money with us, or we will work free until you do.

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