Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 23rd, 2009

Six SEO Objectives

seo objectivesSearch Engine Optimization can be very versatile in a variety of different ways. The application of SEO depend on the objectives of your business and the benefits you desire. The impact of your objectives may even yield benefits you hadn’t intended, and may not have even known were possible. There are primary applications for SEO and reasons to use them for your business. It is very important that you choose the right objectives before implementing any SEO strategy. Let’s look at six different SEO objectives you can execute and how they will impact your business.

You can use SEO for raw traffic on your website. You want to use this objective when you can monetize traffic without actions or financial transactions on your site. Concentrate your efforts on great content and use keyword-based optimization only as a secondary method to confirm your titles and headlines of the work you create. This will optimize your accessibility throughout the site to earn a high volume of traffic and success with long tailed queries. Make sure your articles are easy to share and optimized for viral spreading by employing good on-page optimization. This objective is a starting point for businesses just joining the SEO world and need some training wheels-per say.

SEO for e-commerce sales focuses on driving relevant traffic to your site to shop and boost your sales. This objective is used when you have products and/or services for sale on your site. It primarily is focused on monetized traffic and often yield very high conversion rates, when applied correctly. Pay-per-click is an excellent way to test the efficacy and potential ROI of keyword targets you choose and find out if they are providing traffic and conversion appropriately. You may find that the more specific the keyword, including your brand or product name, the more likely your visitors will purchase. This objective also involves some serious link building and highly optimized content. 

Branding. This objective is less popular, but is an effective application of SEO Branding is a little less eggs and bacon, and little more breakfast tacos with a side of pulsating green hot sauce. Blogging, social media websites, Twitter, and news outlets build brand recognition and identity. If your site’s focused on attracting attention from a market more so than any direct traffic or monetization goals, you may want to look into branding. It’s also a way to get consumers participating and interacting with your brand. Your keyword focus isn’t as critical, long tailing may achieve more with less intensive effort. Make sure your site is accessible with good link structure and focus on links that authorize your domain rather than specific keywords.

SEO of lead acquisition and direct marketing. This is a very valuable and systematic way for building customers and revenue. You should use this objective when you have a non-e-commerce product or service that you want users to accomplish on your site. You should use phrases for keyword targeting that perform well in PPC campaigns (ask your SEO doctor). You will need a solid combination of on-site optimization and link building to relevant pages to be competitive with this objective.

Reputation Management SEO. When you are trying to either protect your brand from having a negative reputation or change an existing negative image, this is the best path to achieving this perspective shift. I’m not saying it’s fool-proof... just ask Enron, but it can be effective. Use keywords that are extremely relevant. It could be your business name, personal name, brand name or a popular variant. This objective also involves optimizing pages on many different domains in order to help resolve your reputation. This involves using public relations, press releases, social media profiles, links from networks of sites you may own or control. It is one of the most challenging SEO practices and unlike any other SEO tactic.

The last objective is to use SEO in order to sway the public opinion about a particular subject. Some see this method as using SEO to influence Ideological views. You are promoting your ideas through content and influencing the perception. Politicians and political groups are the most likely users of this strategy in order to change minds or decisions around a campaign or theological perspectives.

Before you invest your marketing budget in SEO for your business site, carefully consider what objectives you want to accomplish. If you apply the most effective strategies in the beginning, you save yourself tons of time and money. Here at Volacci, we work to increase your conversion rate, not just your web traffic. We provide comprehensive weekly and monthly SEO reports so you are constantly informed. We are here with purposeful, proactive communications.