Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 21st, 2009

Web 3.0 vs. SEO

web_3_0_0.jpgJust as the next generation of Star Trek hits the theaters in 2009, so the internet will most likely get hit by its next generation, appropriately deemed Web 3.0. Although Web 3.0 doesn’t yet exist, the idea behind it does. Web 3.0 is literally the next evolutionary stage of the Web and was called “the intelligent Web” by John Markoff of the New York Times in 2006. This Web of intelligence is identified by the technical and social possibilities that are potentially possible, but currently not feasible and only speculative. Web 3.0 symbolizes the next generation of web content that will focus on individual content with consumers interested in bits and pieces of information rather than the “container” or web page from which they are found. For example, people will be searching for individual videos or objects, like “The Italian Spiderman”, rather than search for general videos, like

It’s a new way of looking for information online, and search engines are in need of an adjustment. This new way of internet search presents a problem for publishers as well, and they will need to rethink the way content is found and organized. It is also likely to affect search engines the most, like Google, and will then affect search engine optimization. As the internet moves away from it’s “container”-based search, search engines and SEO companies will need to evolve to the change, or they will have problems.

What currently makes Google so effective is its way to identify a value for billions of web pages. But in Web 3.0, which will be “container-less”, Google’s efficiency will change. Web search is optimized for discovering and organizing web pages rather than individual objects. Objects (or videos) are at risk to be left out of the wider search, and Google currently hasn’t done anything on their end to adjust accordingly. However, it is widely expected that Google will roll out it’s Universal Search feature sometime this year, which could alleviate much of the problems that are being predicted.

Web 3.0 is both intriguing and mysterious. Technology takes so many turns that is seems utterly impossible to predict it’s future. We can only prepare for what we know and hope the unknown doesn’t catch us in the shower. Either way, new ways to improving your SEO capabilities can get frustrating, time consuming and seem like its written in Vulcan. Here at Volacci, we not only speak Vulcan, but we are passionate about your profit.

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