Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 16th, 2009

Why We Need Competition in the World of Search

lakersceltics_0.jpgAthens had Sparta. David had Goliath. Rome had... themselves. The Beatles had The Beach Boys and Rolling Stones. Magic had Bird. The Republicans have the Democrats. The Dallas Cowboys have... themselves as well, but also the Redskins, Giants, Eagles and Jessica Simpson. My point is that we wouldn’t strive to become the best we could be without the competition of our rivals. However, in the world of search engines, Google is positioning themselves far above anyone else and isn’t looking back. In fact, the government has recently scrutinized Google for its dominance in online advertising. There may be only one way for Google to have any plausible competition: a partnership between other search engines. The time may be right, and crucial, for this partnership to happen in order to establish competitive positioning against Google and to maximize the potential of the World of Search.

The best scenario and quickest way to establish a competitive search engine is for Yahoo and Microsoft to finally consolidate their search engines. You could call it ‘Microhoo!’ Consolidation would most likely result in a price war, decreasing ad costs and accelerating technology. In order for this consolidation to work and to compete, the merger would need to seamlessly their culture and technology and dramatically improve their overall ad platform. This may be a tall glass of milk for most companies that size to take down in one meal. That is just one advantage Google already possesses. Their ad platform is highly functional and very easy to set up a campaign. For this reason, any merger that plans to compete with Google must invest heavily in significantly increasing their technology.

If Microhoo! did come into fruition, they could leverage themselves against Google by offering integrated advertising campaigns that offered offline advertising and online media to coincide with search marketing in the same platform. This would also accelerate their competitive positioning. This new integrated ad platform could start to eat away at Google’s significant market share in the World of Search, and establish Microhoo! as a very competitive entity.

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