Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 15th, 2009

Help Videos Help You

OnlineVideoScreening_0.jpgIf you would have said the word ‘YouTube’ two years ago, construction caulk or rash lotion would have come to my mind. These days, it seems like I can’t make it past lunch without some new web video hitting YouTube that I’m told is a ‘must-see’. Pop-culture grows so quickly these days, and is becoming more relevant for your business and brand than ever before. A recent study was published by The Forrester Blog stating that you can improve your chances, by 50 times, of showing up at the top of Google organic search results. Their recommended method? Utilize Google’s Universal Search by creating videos and posting them on YouTube.

How, you ask? A feature called ‘Blended Search’ in which search engines display videos, news stories, maps alongside their standard results has become common with most search engines. If you optimize video content, or even make videos for that matter, you can take advantage of the blended search and increase your chances to get a first-page ranking on Google.

Not only are video results becoming increasingly common in Google’s search results, but your video may have a better chance than your text pages to make the first page.

Here are the odds: A video being posted on Google has a 11,000-to-1 chance of making it to the first page. For a web page with the same keyword set, you only have a 50,000-to-1 chance of getting displayed on the first page. According to this statistic and my trusty solar-powered calculator, that is nearly 50 times greater chance of a video landing on the front page of Google search. There are also a few steps you can take that not only guarantees a higher ranking video, but possibly improve those odds. Insert keywords into the video title and filename. Host the video on YouTube and then embed it into your web site on all relevant text pages. Google considers how many times a video is viewed, and any video views you receive on your own site will get added to the tally on YouTube. Finally, create a video library on your site, so that Google knows here to find all your videos.

Helping videos help you is one of the ways 2009 is going to change your online business. Not only will you have new avenues for internet flow, but you can have fun doing it as well. We like having fun here at Volacci, because we are very passionate about maximizing your web site’s conversion rates, increasing your profit margins, and ensuring that you will make more money than our service costs by the end of your contract, or we will work free until you do.

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