Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 14th, 2009

Leveraging Your Brand

Leverage_0.jpgI hate to hash up cliches, but it is hump day and there is always some nugget of truth behind any old saying. This hump day’s cliche is one I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. It’s astonishing how true this statement can be. I had a question poses to me by a client the other day: Is it possible to rank high for a competitor’s brand name without mentioning them on my site, but through an external link? I would like to immediately squash the direct comparison of ‘your enemy’ and ‘your competitor’ before we go any further. I’m not drawing lines in the sand here for you to wage SEO war on (doesn’t exist) but there is a way for you to benefit from your competitor’s brand name.

Generally this is a very difficult feat to accomplish, because your backlinks will not be as strong as his SEO content. There are also a few necessary conditions and factors that are vital for success. A few conditions that may be necessary for you to maximize your ranking is that your competitor must not have a strong SEO ranking and your business niche is very small. There are also moves you could make that can get you in trouble. Volacci likes to keep all of our hats white, so I highly recommend against the following: Don’t optimize your pages for someone else’s name. What you can do is create a page on a social media site legally comparing your business with your rival's and promote it with a link on your site. Social media profile pages usually rank very well for brands. This will help increase your ranking with your competitor’s brand name, without getting dirty.

Volacci follows all the guidelines, involves no deception, and produces results that last a long time. No Volacci client has ever been banned from any search engine. We are one of the very few SEO companies that actually has its own ecommerce website. We know what works best online and what doesn’t and guarantee your marketing will be ethical and responsible.

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