Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 8th, 2009

A Move Away From Mobile?

cell-phone_1_0.jpgIn mobile’s short lifetime, marketers have experimented with the medium for both brand-building and a direct-response channel, with no major quantitative effectiveness emerging with either usage. However, the rate that cell phones and other mobile devices are evolving, we might just be seeing a side effect of technological puberty. It seems like only yesterday that I was setting up the original Nintendo on a 12’’ television screen that needed rabbit ears to make Mario not look like a moving tomato. Now you can play video games on my iPhone will waiting in line at the grocery store for the lovely old lady in front of me writing a check. Technology is mobilizing faster than our pocketbooks can keep up in this recession-stricken new year. Where is the recession going to strike in the world of strategic communications? Will we see a move away from mobile in 2009, or will mobile adapt to the economic environment?

Mobile’s ubiquity makes it natural for lead generation and engagement, but is heavy on delivering the experience and brand message. The use of mobile as a direct-response channel is shifting its objective from consideration to clicks, in order to counter this inefficiency. Mobile also has the uncanny ability to deliver on instant response and identify highly qualified and engaged prospects through capabilities like click-to-call and click-to-SMS . This makes mobile an ideal medium for driving the action of your would-be consumers. There are some that see mobile more as a customer-acquisition channel that measures in clicks, not eyeballs. There is a percentage of the marketing world that still relies on impressions, and the traditional cost-per-thousand-viewers metric. This traditional metric does not integrate well with mobile.

This year we will all be held to greater accountability for results-based strategies and campaigns, so you should expect more from your performance-based analytics. Analytics that consider your cost-per-impression with your cost-per-click. Analytics that help you make the most strategic decisions. Analytics that will execute those decisions and increase your conversion rates, not just your share of eyeballs. Analytics that will predict your share of coffee when you come in for our next meeting. The coffee is very delicious and so are the results, which we will show you during said mocha bean goodness. Sounds a like a win-win to me. Don't let misdirected dollars hold you back. Mobilize.

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