Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 5th, 2009

Alphabetizing Your Meta Tags

classic-alphabet-blocks_0.jpgFor as long as I can remember, everything in my life has been in alphabetical order. Attendance at school. My CD collection. Notorious bookshelves of my life. It’s been programmed into me since I began my speaking and organizational career. So far, so good. For most people, alphabetizing is not only a habit, but a pet peeve. So it’s only seems natural for a web editor or SEO Specialist to alphabetize meta tags. It is also a SEO theory that alphabetizing will benefit your search engine ranking. I hate to spill the proverbial dip at your alphabetizing party, but it does not help your rankings in any way.

Your web site’s meta tags can appear in any order as long as they are inside the

element. Don’t tell your Aunt Edna, but “avocado” doesn’t have to go before “bean” anymore. Trust me, Google will not mind if you alphabetize your tags. In fact, there will probably be someone sitting in Mountain View, California at Google’s main headquarters, congratulating you on your mastery of the alphabet. But it is only costing you time.

Is your business paying to have their meta tags alphabetized? Are HTML elements clogging the your K-Cup coffee machine at the most important client meeting of the new year? Its been bad news out there, but we’ve got news at Volacci. Not only do we have a plethora of bold coffee awaiting your arrival and sharp employees who defy the alphabet, but we have the passion for what your business really needs. Your profit. Our passion.