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Blogs Happen

By now you should know that blogging can be a powerful tool for your business. It can increase your online visibility and build your brand. Unfortunately, the internet is over-saturated with blogs and most of them are the equivalent of a crayon drawing hanging in a Picasso exhibit. Bad blogs happen. That is why it is very important to ensure that your posts are helping your business, not hurting it. The last thing you want is for a reader to compare you to their kid’s kindergarten art project. Here is a quick checklist to run through before you send a post live.

1. Make sure your post is relevant. Relevancy is key. You need to be talking about the latest, most relevant topics. Not only will relevancy help you do well on social media sites as well, but it will help build your authority on knowledge of cutting-edge subjects. Everyone loves a breaking story, and you want to be their first source.

2. Offer a fresh perspective. There are millions of blogs cluttering the internet, and possibly your intellectual cognition. Make sure that you are not just another “me too” blogger. The reader wants to connect with you on a personal level, that is why it is important to have a unique perspective, not just going along with the general consensus. Honest insight with a little bit of that brain of yours can go a long way.

3. Post correct information. There is nothing more embarrassing than a reader’s comment correcting your information. Sure, blogging is more informal than traditional journalism, but that doesn’t mean you should get sloppy. Nothing can damage your credibility faster than writing inaccurate blog posts. Take the extra time to fact check. Think of it as an investment in reputation management.

4. Add links with value. If the links added to your post are accurate and relevant, they will be a great asset to your blog. They should enhance the readers knowledge and add that extra value to the user experience.

5. Write a great title. No matter how outstanding your blog post is, no one will ever read it if the title isn’t great. Boring, non-descriptive titles will not get clicks. If you need inspiration, check out some of your favorite magazines to a good idea.

6. Ask yourself: why should someone read this? If you can’t think of at least one good reason why someone should read your post, it’s not worth posting. Also, is that reason unique, or can someone find the same content somewhere else?

Always focus on value. Blogging for the sake of having a blog is wasting your time and your brand away. If you wouldn’t tell your best client to their face what you said in your blog, then it is time to change your blog, or blog writer. Remember, if your blog isn’t adding value, then your blog isn’t happening.

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