Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on February 16th, 2009

Twitter Me This, Ad Man

twitter_0.jpgThere was a time when ‘Twitter’ was just a sound effect you heard from a certain tweety bird and a certain ‘putty cat’ on Looney Tunes. These days, Twitter has become a significant force in the marketable-realm of social media, despite the fact that the social media phenom is still searching for a legitimate revenue model. On the other side of the mirror, SEO specialists are still working out the best strategies to incorporate Twitter into their overall goals and implementation process. It is becoming a constant evolution of synergy between Twitter’s revenue model and SEO marketers’ strategy. In this post, I am going to discuss Twitter’s newest application that helps further the ‘cause’ as well as five mistakes SEO marketers make with Twitter, and how to avoid them in the future.

Twitter reportedly turned down a $500 million acquisition offer from Facebook last fall. It may be that some of the Twitter applications are assisting in furthering the cause. AdCause, a start-up launched two weeks ago, has promised to connect Twitter users to advertising sponsors in order to donate a percentage of the proceeds from those sponsors to the charity of their choice. One of those “charities” is Twitter. Not only can you donate your tweet-stream ad revenue to American Red Cross, but also to Twitter founders Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. The idea is to allow Twitter users to sell their followers to advertisers without the guilt trip. Charity may be the core of the product, but the transparency of the operation may be its downfall.

There are many mistakes that even seasoned marketers can make when it comes to SEO social media marketing, especially on Twitter. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes:

1. Add people naturally and at a normal pace. There is nothing that screams “spammer” like following thousands of people that don’t even follow you back.

2. Don’t use anything “Auto” on Twitter. Be a normal, very real person. Auto-Follow or Tweet Later are highly not recommended. You are not going to get a significant amount of followers overnight that you need these features.

3. Put your web site URL where it should be on your Bio, just like everyone else. Don’t do URL-Stuffing in your Bio. If you give good value on your tweets, people will go to your website.

4. Social media is about being social. Don’t pitch people in your Bio.

5. Don’t sell tweets. You are on Twitter to build relationships and network with people by providing value.

The most successful marketing people on Twitter are primarily using these tips and acting like normal people. In fact, you should follow these tips with all social media that you are marketing through. We can help you with more tips on how to increase your SEO strategies and overall implementation, from social media to search engine optimization. We love the Internet, Facebook, Google, MySpace, blogging, Twitter, Skype, podcasting, etc. Volacci is a fast growing online marketing company committed to becoming the world leader in marketing profitable websites by turning customers into raving fans for ourselves and our clients.

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