Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on February 5th, 2009

Word to Your Search, My Specialist

2007-04_Logic_9_0.jpgAnyone can have a bad day, and on those bad days communication becomes a funny thing. Have you ever caught yourself asking: “What in the John Stamos am I talking about?” The idea started in the brain but takes a lunch break halfway out of your mouth. It’s been happening for centuries. I’m sure there were cavemen that were just dying to complete a sentence. Latin had more declensions than Michael Phelps has gold medals.. and smoking pipes. It is no different in these modern times, but we have evolved our bad communicative days into frustrating blabber between human-machine, machine-machine and technology-technology. Put the stapler down, because this blog post isn’t about you and the printer. I’m here to clarify an argument between MS Word and your SEO ranking. If you paste website content from MS Word, you may want to read on.

If Microsoft Word is set up incorrectly, you will have major issues when transferring content to your website. MS Word automatically converts quotation marks and apostrophes into ‘smart’ quotes and causes trouble on the web. Also, stay away from the style formatting toolbar, because certain settings will cause many additional hours to convert the text to the web. If you’ve ever seen “??” on the web, you’ve witnessed the miscommunication between technologies.

When you paste your content onto the web, make sure you paste into the HTML tab, not the visual editor. If you paste into the visual editor, MS Word adds more cheese to your HTML code than even Manny Ramirez could turn down. Pasting into the HTML tab assures you don’t have any of that excess code that waters down your keyword density and scares off those search engine spiders.

We love spiders here at Volacci. We especially love those spiders that like to crawl all over our clients’ websites. It was briefly mentioned in a fevered fit of passion of adopting an office pet spider. That lasted for about one look from my assistant, Amy. Although we may not have any arachnids crawling on our desks as office pets, we do have a very passionate team of SEO Specialists that will guarantee hours with a monthly report, increase your conversion rates, and provide you with purposeful, proactive communications.

Volacci. Your Profit. Our Passion.

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