Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on February 3rd, 2009

When to Use Subdomains Instead of Subfolders

domain-name-service_0.jpgA common cause for many water cooler brawls in offices world-wide is the debate over whether to use subdomains or subfolders to segment a website’s content. This might come as a shocker, but how you structure your website can have a significant impact on the type of results you receive from your SEO efforts. Both structures have their advantages and their disadvantages, and it also is dependent upon your content and your SEO goal. Here are a few reasons to use subdomains.

Let’s look at some observational evidence of the differences between subdomains and subfolders. You can have individual pages on ‘powerful’ domains and subdomains that will perform better in search rankings than other individual pages on a less powerful domain and subdomain. Subdomains don’t always inherit the love of other subdomains that share a common root domain. Sometimes, they don’t get any love whatsoever, but subfolders do. However, good crosslinks can help spread the love for subdomains.

What the...!?!

It makes perfect sense to use a subdomains when you have a specific keyword you want to rank and two of the pages from your root domain already rank. You also want to use subdomains when a keyword exists in the subdomain that you want to rank and is going to be used in anchor text. You should also use subdomains when they are already yielding you results. Keywords seem to be more easily recognized when it’s a subdomain. It has the effect of demonstrating that the site has relevant content. This is especially true when you use a subdomain vs. multiple levels of subfolders.

No matter what way you choose to structure your website, be sure to you know what kind of strategy you are wanting to implement from the start that will make the most sense. Volacci can help your website make sense by increasing your search engine rankings, conversion rates and profit margins. We will work to help your business make more money than our services cost by the end of your contract, or we will work free until you do.

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