Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 14th, 2009

5 Easy SEO Refinements to Attract More Holiday Traffic

We are now in the middle of the gift-buying season, and most gift-givers are crossing out their lists online. You could be missing out on a substantial slice of sales if your website isn’t popping up on consumers’ radars. There are ways to improve your holiday traffic and sales without dropping all your dimes on paid search and advertising campaigns.

Search engine optimization (SEO) improvements can help your site attract new and additional traffic to your site, without the huge advertising bill. And with the millions of online shoppers this holiday season, even a small percentage of additional traffic can greatly benefit your sales success.

Even though it is the middle of the December, there are still a few things you can do that will help you get noticed by the search engines and holiday shoppers. Here are five easy SEO refinements you can make to attract more holiday traffic to your site.

1. Research Holiday Keywords

There will be holiday-specific keywords that consumers will be using this holiday season, and they will most likely differ from your current keywords and phrases. Use Google AdWords to help you find this season’s popular searches within your industry, niche, or product category. Pick a few competitive keywords to focus on.

2. Update Website Content

Once you have found the few holiday-specific keywords you want to focus on, update your website’s content with these new holiday terms. This should include your website’s home page and all your main pages, as well as any product, service, or sales-specific pages.

3. Create Holiday Pages

Create a holiday sales page or two specific to any holiday sales or promotions you are running. It could be one or two pages with all your deals, or it can be a page for every specific item. Once you have created your holiday pages, link them together with enticing link copy: ‘gifts under $25’ or ‘affordable gifts’.

4. Offer Frequent Holiday Specials

Search engines like fresh, new content. Update your company’s blog or holiday pages with new holiday specials, gift ideas, promotions, and tips that will be of interest to your target audience.

5. Offer Gift Cards

Millions of shoppers know where their friends and family shop, but aren’t risky enough to commit to a specific item. The solution? Gift cards. If your business offers gift cards, promote them with your SEO. If you don’t, but can offer gift cards, now is the time. Part of your keyword research should include a few gift card-specific keywords and phrases, as well as a holiday landing page for gift cards sales alone.

The online holiday shopping season is well under way, so don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity. Refine your website’s SEO for the holidays and you could be swimming in sales by January.