Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on August 20th, 2009

SEO Tips For Bing

By now I hope that you have checked out Bing and how it may or may not return significantly different results than the almighty Google, especially in the context of your own ranking results. Since Bing still has a lingering “new car smell”, many may wonder if there is a difference in how you should be going about optimizing a website for the search engine. Because Bing is in the early stages of its life cycle and the impending changes with Yahoo! in the near future, it is a very difficult to cast a wide net of mandatory implementations. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to work your way up to the Bing’s front page. Here are five tips to getting ranked well.

1. Domain Age

From simple observation, it appears that domain age plays an important role. Bing wants websites that are established and have been around for awhile at the top of their results. This reflects well upon them as well. There is really not much you can do to change this factor, except continue to exist.

2. Original Content

Bing, as all search engines do, loves original content. But, Bing loves tons of original content on the landing page of your website. Be sure to use keywords, but don’t stuff and continue to balance copy with visual aesthetic.

3. Keywords

There is no difference between Bing and its competition on this tip. Use keywords in page titles and make sure they are relevant to the subject matter and unique to any other page titles you have on your website.

4. Outbound Links

This may be the biggest differentiation for Bing. Bing appears to favor building outbound links very heavily. This means linking to other sites from your own site is beneficial for your ranking. It is always recommended to link to sites that are relevant to your business or the content subject matter. This is evidence to Bing that you are willing to share information with other sites. And, as we all know, sharing is caring.

5. PPC

Bing’s PPC rates are significantly lower than other PPC campaigns because there is not as much competition and dilution of keywords occurring. So it may be beneficial to sign up for an account with Bing, manage your analytics and start a PPC campaign now.

In a year or so, post-Bing-Yahoo! merging, these tips may not apply as directly as they do today. But that shouldn’t deter you from starting your relationship with the search engine right now. Any Magic 8 Ball will tell you 7 out of 13 times that Bing is going to be around for a while and a fierce competitor with Google for years to come. Don’t wait to expand your visibility online to another growing search engine, get your 'Badda' on Bing before your competition does.