Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on August 14th, 2009

Drupal Learns To "Socialize"

Drupal, the highly popular Content Managment System (CMS), is about to beef up its black book with a new module called “Socialize”. Socialize was developed by Gigya, a startup out of Alta Vista, CA specializing in the social media realm, and our good friends, Acquia, a company that specializes in custom Drupal installation.

Socialize is designed to complement Drupal’s social publishing features and allows any Drupal site to add powerful social features, including publishing any content and user activity outside of the site and onto social sites. This new dynamic increases interactivity and viral pushes.

This new module also allows webmasters to setup a login system that allows users to authenticate using Facebook or MySpace through Facebook Connect and MySpaceID standards, or the username and password from any OpenID provider. This will allow users to register for a new social site without having to fill out the new account information. The new Drupal module, Socialize, is only helping the Drupal community grow in the direction of the ever-popular social optimization.