Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on August 11th, 2009

Hosting Local Events Help SEO

Getting ranked well by Google often times comes down to how trustworthy and authoritative a website appears. This comes through links, content and what others may be saying about a brand. A great way to establish authority and trust, on and off screen, is through event hosting. Hosting an event will not only place you in the center of attention in the realm of reality, but presents prime opportunities to leverage the event online for a high rankings in the SERPs.

1. Paid Search

This one is pretty simple. Advertise your event in Google/Yahoo!/Bing’s paid search results and not only get the word out to those Googlers, but also to the search giant. They love people who are active in their communities.

2. Local Search/Google Maps

Google loves themselves some local search. Submit your business and event to Google Maps and it may very well become priority to your area.

3. Yahoo! Travel

Will people be coming in from out of town for your event. Offer a variety of travel related information and resources, such as hotel, restaurant or shopping information.

4. Reviews

Write reviews of the hotels, restaurants and shopping districts so that you are not only providing the places to go, but you could recommend certain dishes, sales, brands or services.

There is much more to search engine optimization than rankings. While rankings are important, successful online search is an amalgamation of all things optimized: code, design, content, links, and even real-live events. If you don’t have someone working for your SEO full-time, your site isn’t living up to its potential. Stay on top of Google and keep SEO on your agenda.