Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on August 10th, 2009

Common Mistakes of Affiliate Marketing

As online networking matures, many businesses are turning to affiliate marketing programs for new and lucrative marketing enterprises. These affiliate marketing programs are emerging quickly as one of the best online marketing tools, but many make crucial mistakes that will ruin what could be a very profitable situation. Here are a few mistakes many make that you should avoid.

Mistake: Listening to Money

Much of one’s success lies in choosing the right program. It is absolutely crucial that joining an affiliate program is not an impulsive decision. Often times businesses join a program because a lot of people are making money with it. But not every program is the right fit for every business. Research is necessary to find the potential market of the chosen affiliate product, so that you don’t fall into the wrong crowd.

Mistake: Too Much Make-Up

One of the most common mistakes in affiliate marketing is stuffing a website with banner ads of products. These ads tend to offer insufficient information and distract your visitors from your own content. Too much make-up can make even the most beautiful site turn into an eye sore. A site should keep its affiliate marketing simple with some great product reviews, a link to the sales page, and any other necessary information on its unique features.

Mistake: Without Moderation

When someone gets momentum with their affiliate marketing, they can make a simple mistake: Sticking to just that one product and eliminating the choice from the visitor’s decision-making process, or loading up on too many products for the potential buyer to choose from.

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative venture, but only when done correctly. There are many mistakes made by those who market on impulse and without moderation, and some were covered in this post. Do you know of any other common mistakes left out of this post that people make with affiliate marketing? Hit us up with a comment below with your experience.