Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on August 4th, 2009

Five Essential SEO Elements

When implementing SEO on your website, there are certain elements that are essential to optimize for success. If your site is new to the web and needs to be found, here are the five most essential elements on your site that need SEO attention:

1. Meta Title Tag

This may be the most important element you optimize for your site. The Meta title tag should use text for each page that is relevant to your site, including the use of your most important keyword. This tells the search engines what your site and its pages are about, as well as what keyword you want to rank for.

2. Meta Keywords

This should be used to further emphasize what keyword(s) most relevantly describe your site. Don’t overload this with keywords, however, because even the engines understand moderation.

3. Description Tag

Use your other keywords in your description tags that are similar to the title tags. This will help build relevancy and links.

4. Linking

One of the most successful paths to a great relationship with Google is a quality link building. Use keywords in link texts, and incorporate a structured and organized linking strategy. This will help make it very crawl-able and increase your relevancy. This will also make you much more desirable to link with.

5. Content

Writing content for the web needs to include the use of your keywords. Use your keywords in header text and body copy with variety and in interesting ways. Both humans and engines will be reading, so don’t favor one over the other. A solid keyword density is ~3 percent, allowing copy to naturally flow while still having just the right amount of richness that the spiders are satisfied.

If you focus on these five elements in the onslaught of your SEO, your site will quickly make friends with the search engines and their spiders. Search engine optimization is an essential key to online success for any business, brand or individual looking to leverage themselves in the digital world.

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