Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 20th, 2009

Youtube and NBC Forge Marketing Force

The folks at Youtube have been busy of late, securing the next stage in the viral giant’s site. Last week, Youtube and NBC Universal struck a deal to show video clips of its TV shows, including SNL and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This partnership comes just months after NBC demanded that the hit SNL clip, “Lazy Sunday” be removed from the widely popular viral video portal. Youtube immediately removed the clip, but the resulting controversy gave them a ridiculous marketing boost.

Financial details were not disclosed, but you can imagine the entertainment company will soon be advertising and promoting Youtube for all its videos. This move sent a signal to the rest of the entertainment industry, including Hollywood, that the Youtube and viral video portals are a safe and effective technology to use for professional implementation.

This move has Youtube flexing its muscles as the No. 1 video-sharing site, where user-generated videos display musical talent, comedic genius, or someone who just wants the attention. The web site experiences about 13 million unique visitors ever month. With that traffic brings enormous legal hurdles and a new land in the sand on video-sharing and copyright materials. Youtube alone has the responsibility for policing 50,000 video posts a day, in order to protect copyright holders.

The cigars didn’t get put out all week for video-sharing brands. The studio-de-force, Warner Brothers, also announced that its own video site, Guba, now sells the studio’s movies and TV shows available through downloading. It is the first site to offer full-length movies for legal download.

Both of these moves within a young new marketing vehicle is a welcome sign to an arthritic media and a sputtering economy. Inevitably, traditional forms of media and entertainment are taking major hits during the recession, it is no surprise that the country is turning to new, and very affordable, avenues for the interesting and inspirational. This ain’t your daddy’s rodeo. In times of turmoil and during days of digression, it is always inspirational to explore alternative avenues to speak to the web-savvy spenders. This could be a tipping point for the impact video has on SEO, soon web sites with videos will have even more leverage online. This dilution of online videos will cause the professional threshold of viral hits to be raised. Prepare your self and your business for SEO friendly web sites that will play host to a new video age.

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