Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 14th, 2009

Keep SEO Out Of The House

From my experience as a family man, I have found that every decision-making process can benefit from another perspective. Sure, there are positive results that develop from one point of view: books are published, puppies are brought home, and my shrimp pasta is to die for, but having a strict dictatorship in the decisions is no way to run a house, or a business. Implementing search engine optimization into your business and marketing strategies demands the same cohesive approach as an inspiring household. Developing a healthy relationship out side of your company’s house is the best thing you can do for your search engine optimization decisions.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, there are always situations that require a different approach, and in most cases a hybrid of perspectives. In reality, it is very hard for any company to function purely in-house or outsourced. Most smart companies realize that they need a mix and find a productive balance of in-house and outsourcing. If you try to out-source everything, then you run into issues of that agency not being able to meet deadlines, or make decisions on keywords. They may not even completely understand what services or products you offer.

If you work well with your out-sourced agency, you will reap the benefits. An efficient SEO firm is going to be current on everything search. They dream about it at night, and mix it in with their tacos for breakfast. Tacos for breakfast?! They probably know someone at all the search engines. They can teach you about SEO while you teach them about your business. Compare your SEO fees to what it would cost to hire an in-house SEO expert. The SEO guru making all those good decisions is getting paid very well, most likely too well for your tax bracket.

Most companies think they can hire people who will figure it all out and solve their problems. But once those people hit the jackpot, an SEO firm is going to offer them a lot more money than you’ve got to go for them. If you think you can truly retain a highly-skilled SEO staff for the life cycle of your campaign, by all means, use my office for interviews already. They will live and breathe your business and be completely devoted to your brand. But most businesses are not as fortunate, especially in these unfortunate times. You should hire an SEO firm out of the house to help out with your online marketing strategy and best practices learning curve. It’s a deep, dark web out there, do you have a spider-friendly guide who already knows the way?

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