Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 7th, 2009

How To Pump Your Rankings Up with Creative Media Juice

Most small companies who come in for a consultation want traffic and search results yesterday. They want rankings and they want it with their coffee. Patience is a keyword in SEO. Results don’t happen overnight, unless you use the dark arts of SEO... and want to get banned from the Internet. Banned from the Internet!?! That’s heavy!

One of the most consistently ignored areas in small businesses is the time and effort dedicated to creative marketing. Time and effort get even more condensed during recessionary periods and there is more urgency placed on producing results. It can be a challenge to turn results around swiftly because SEO is not a short-term investment. But if you are capable of pumping some creative juices into developing relevant media for your site, you can provide a boost to your rankings quickly.

Unless you were just woken up from cryogenic sleep, you are aware of Youtube and its phenomenon in user-generated content. Videos can be created with any digital camera, or a slide show of images. Add sub-titles to your videos boosts viewing times and increases conversion rates. This may be a no-brainer, but make the content for the video relevant to your business and post it on your site. Then you should create a channel on Youtube for your company, add keywords in your descriptions, titles and tags for the benefits of SEO.

We all loved reading books with pictures as children and most of us still do. With 1 in 5 searches online being an image search, adding images to your campaigns and website should pay off well. Alt tag and file name optimization are key to getting good rankings for your images. Be sure to also add images to your Google Local Business profile, local business citation sources, blog posts or articles, and enable Google Image Labeler in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Chances are you have a few internal presentations or powerpoints laying around. If you repurpose them on your website, Slide Share and Google Docs, you will see a gain in your search rankings. You can also add value to your customers and website by syndicating any spreadsheets or marketing materials such as flyers, brochures and catalogs. Didn’t your mother teach you to share?!

All of this juice should give your website the much needed boost off the SEO line. But it will only last if it is part of an overall SEO marketing strategy and a natural, organic search campaign. We understand that time is money and money is a figment of the past.

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