Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 3rd, 2009

Copywriting Principles For Your Business

Whether your business is new to the web or not, a priority of your website is conveying the right message to your potential customers. This could mean working closely with your SEO firm’s copywriter or in-house writer to establish clear objectives. However, not all of us can afford to hire copywriters in these frugal times. If you are thinking of writing your own content, here are a few hints that may help.

The internet literally has billions of unique websites and pages, so don’t expect your traffic to have the patience you do with your landing page. Keep it simple and pull people into your site. You need to make sure that the content on your front page positively engages visitors and simply explains your service or product. Answer the questions:

- Who are you?
- What can you help me with?
- Why would I be interested?
- Is it a product I buy, information I use or a service I hire?
- Where are you based? (depending on your business, this could be a factor)

Your site’s front page should answer some of these questions and offer easy links to the rest of the information. Clearly title navigation buttons “Services”, “About Us” and “Contact” to pave visitors a path to basic and necessary information for a conversion.

Once you’ve answered their questions, ask a few of your own. Questions are an effective way of revamping dull text into engaging content. If you are trying to invoke a response, you may make it clear to a visitor that they need your service or product. For example:

- Does your current content need reviving?
- Is your business message unclear on all your brochures or flyers?
- Are you looking for an affordable, quality product or service?

These questions could help seal the deal, but everyone who has worked in sales knows most potential customers have objections and doubt. They will be hesitant and need some further convincing. You can squash the indecision by answering these questions:

- Why should you use our service?
- Do we offer both online and offline content writing?
- Can we work on short deadlines?

Throughout these questions, there is a great deal of salesmanship required. Don’t be pushy, but don’t be shy. Think of your online content as the online portion of your sales team. Content should read as though it is forcing visitors to do something or suffer consequences. Stay away from negative connotations and only focus on the benefits you will provide.

You are an expert in your field, but your customer is not. Your content should speak to them, without making them feel dumb. Keep it straightforward and refrain from watering it down with industry terminology. You don’t want to intimidate potential customers, but you also don’t want to come off as amateurish. Check your spelling and grammar twice, and then have someone else check it for you. A typo won’t be the end of your business, but it conveys your attention and respect for the customer. Spelling mistakes happen to everyone but we should do everything in our power to prevent them from slipping through the cracks. It may be OK to misspell a word here or there in an email to your mother, but your website should be as professional as you are.

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