Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 4th, 2008

Has your site been banned by Google?

Things are going along nicely on your site, you're getting visitors and a lot of that traffic is coming from Google searches. Then suddenly the traffic stops. What happened? It could be that your website has been banned from Google. This means that Google no longer indexes any pages from your site and you are essentially invisible. The Google ban is usually reserved for the website equivalent of spam but Google does occasionally make mistakes.

How do you know if your site has been banned on Google? Do a Google search for "site:your domain" and if no matches occur then you have probably been banned. There are ways to get your site reinstated but this only works if you change the things that got you banned in the first place or prove that your site is not "spam" after all.

We will talk later about how to ensure that your site never ends up on the dreaded Google blacklist.