Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on October 13th, 2008

Visitors vs. Conversions

Last week we talked about which visitor analytics to look at when determining the effectiveness of your online ad campaign. The bottom line is conversion rate. It doesn't matter if 10,000 people see your ad if only a handful of them click on it. The same rule applies when you are looking at visitors to your website. How long do your visitors stay? When they visit do they buy your product or take your survey?
You have to ask yourself these questions because your traffic is essentially useless if it doesn't convert. Carefully evaluate where your traffic is coming from and where you are sending them. If your conversion rate is low there are many factors that could be coming into play. Two factors you should definitely consider are the source of your traffic (where they are coming from) and the landing page (where you are sending them). When you send them to your website is it clear what you are asking them to do? If you are selling a product do you ask them to buy it and tell them why they need it?
These are some of the basics of traffic conversion and the more you learn about this, the more effective you will become at converting the traffic do get.