Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 26th, 2008

Finding Your Brand Ambassadors

brand_ambassador_0.jpgSome brands have a social media advantage. Their fans already consider the brands a part of their personalities and identities. Think about Mac users, or sports fans wearing their team’s jersey. These brand “ambassadors” are free marketing tools that almost every brand and business has, but very few use them at all.

It’s true, many businesses and brands aren’t so lucky to have the proactive and enthusiastic ambassadors that Apple or the Dallas Cowboys sport daily. Some of our industries might not create as many passionate ambassadors as football or digital technology. I also understand that your scale may be limited, but don’t let that be another excuse in your Monday Morning Meeting.

We need to motivate and energize our passionate fans to help give our brands a social edge. It may be as simple as providing the right online tool for them to stand up on a soapbox to shout their brand pride. This not only builds relationships with your best customers, but gets real people talking about you. Make sure you encourage your ambassadors to be transparent and genuine about their contact they have with you, and their experiences. Volacci understands the growing pains of online businesses in the 21st Century world. We know because we are just finishing digital puberty ourselves and we would like to pass on what we have learned to other businesses. Volacci will help your business overcome getting lost on the Internet and maximize your conversion rates, because your profit is our passion.