Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 24th, 2008

Is Social Media Worth It?

social-media_0.jpgWhen social media first hit the Internet, it was nothing more than blogs and Friendster. There was doubt whether the concept had any worth for investing, or was this just a fad for the socially inept? Somehow, while we were all growing our businesses and our employees were finishing up college, the Internet was taken over by the world’s most social people. 86 million Americans use the Internet for social purposes, including 75% of college students and 60% of financially-independent adults. The issue here isn’t whether it’s worth investing, it’s how to invest in social media to build your business, brand, and message.

The foundation of social media is interacting. Social media has elevated the value of individual reviews and recommendations, reiterating my point last week of the importance of user-generated content. Social media is about the influence of people, of allowing more access to a network of people who may have a very professional opinion, despite the lack of certification. Some of the very best social content and ideas come from John the Painter, or Betsy the Florist.

This week I would like to explore different ways businesses are using social media to build their business, brand and message. Volacci is here to help your business prosper online and give you the advice you need to make intelligent decisions in a 21st Century world. The Internet evolves everyday and so should your business. Give us a call, or request a proposal here on our website so you can get your business and brand involved in this century. We are here to help your online business, because your profit is our passion.