Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 13th, 2008

Volacci-size Your Reports

burger_shirt_0.gifIn today's world, you can customize anything from your burger at a local restaurant to a t-shirt with a picture of your customized burger on it. Customization isn't just monogrammed His and Her towel sets anymore. Unique and personal experiences are fueling our generation, not only our personal lives, but in our businesses as well. Today I would like to discuss in further detail Volacci's new ability to customize your business analytics through custom reports we are able to generate using the two analytical features covered so far this week. I touched briefly on this customization earlier this week, but would like to revisit Volacci's custom report generation again today.

In review, Volacci has added three new enterprise-class web-based analytical features to our portfolio to improve the SEO marketing we provide for our clients. The first feature is advanced segmentation, where we isolate and analyze subsets of your website’s traffic with custom filters that allow you to look at emerging trends and relationships. It will also pinpoint which of your web pages can maximize your profit. The second feature in our portfolio is multi-dimensional data visualizations, or motion charts. These motion charts allow you to see your analytical data in five dimensions, with the ability to assign colors to specific data and implement a timeline to watch how your data evolves over time.

The third and final feature of Volacci’s web-based analytics is the Custom Report Generation. The Custom Report will be generated from the data you want to see, organized in the way that you want it to be organized. We will compare your custom advanced segmentations side-by-side and five-dimensional motion charts to give you a unique view of your business’ web-based analytics. Your Custom Report will include tabs with access to related data, i.e. “Goal Conversions” tab, that expand the report into multiple levels of sub-reports. This means that your business will be viewing analytical data that is only specific to your needs and will help you make more qualitative, intelligent decisions that will increase your traffic, maximize your conversion rates, and helps you keep a sharp eye on your website’s key metrics. The Custom Report will make decision making easier, and give you a clearer picture of which webpage makes you the most profit, what periods of time your website is most efficient, and how your business is evolving. You will be more susceptible to find emerging trends and relationships that may have been impossible to discern from a traditional report.