Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 12th, 2008

Who wants a Bubble Chart Balloon Animal?

Running_Clown_0.jpgThis week we have been discussing the new web-based analytical features Volacci is implementing to improve and maximize your web and SEO marketing analytics. We here at Volacci are so excited about our new analytical features we hired a clown for the office this week. We came to find out the clown we hired had a phobia for Marketing folk, so we will carry on sans clown for the rest of the week.

So far, we have explained how advanced segmentation will isolate and analyze subsets of your website’s traffic with efficient filters that allow you to look at which webpage is maximizing your profit and flush out emerging trends.

We also discussed comparing advanced segmentations side-by-side in custom report generation, an expansive report with the information and metrics you want. The next new feature of Volacci Analytics is multi-dimensional data visualizations.

Multi-dimensional data visualizations are just a fancy term for motion charts, just like clown is a fancy word for a child’s worst nightmare. But unlike clowns, the motion charts add sophisticated multi-dimensional analysis to your analytics reports. We will be able to set metrics for the x-axis, y-axis, bubble size, and bubble color so that you can view how these axes, or metrics, interact over time. Uh…what?! Basically, this new feature allows you to see your new analytical data in three dimensions, with the ability to assign colors to specific segmented data. Instead of Pie Charts, you can view your data in “Bubble Charts” and watch them evolve over a period of time that you can assign to it. These new features allow you to visually compare relationships of data that may be difficult to catch in traditional reports and charts. Please continue to check in throughout the rest of the week for more analytical features and clown-less blogging that could increase your conversion rates and affect your business decisions.