Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 7th, 2008

Marketing's Responsibility: Purpose and Performance

destmktg_main_0.jpgJim Spengel, Proctor & Gamble’s Chief Marketing Officer, recently gave a keynote speech at the Association of National Advertisers. If you weren’t in attendance, like almost everyone lacking a golden ticket, then you missed him inspire marketing organizations to lift marketing globally to higher level of purpose and performance.

Spengel urged marketing organizations to focus internally, on people development, and engage minds on the overall purpose behind the role each employee plays. The focus of an organization’s culture needs to shift to results and accountability through functional and creative performance. Consumers are more marketing-savvy than ever before, and they aren’t paying for the Dog-and-Pony Show anymore… even if it is dollar hotdog night.

This creative and purpose-driven approach builds the organization’s credibility and equity in the eyes of the consumer and strengthens the overall accountability and value of marketing organizations. It is our responsibility, as marketing organizations, to shape the purpose and performance of our culture and our marketing.