Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 31st, 2008

Drum Roll Please

new_years_toast_0.jpgIt’s the last day of year, and I can’t help but think about ways to end 2008 on a positive note. It’s been a great year here at Volacci, where we’ve seen growth and a lot of great teamwork internally. We’ve also grown our client relationships and produced some great work to optimize their websites in search engines, as well as develop other strategies that will increase traffic and conversion rates. We’ve seen some remarkable and unpredictable events occur this year that have and will affect our businesses and way of life: the presidential election, several wars, political scandals, the economy and its evil step child, the recession. No matter your affiliation, no business can escape the influence of change, whether positive or negative. This year there may have been times you felt helpless and in no control over the path of your business. However 2008 ended for you, there is a way to change your business in 2009 that not only can you have control, but will influence your business positively.

It is fairly simple and has been a logical device for many businesses in the past, but many forget throughout the madness of a world changing so quickly that there are simple solutions still in existence. To increase your online business, and build the links on your website, drum roll please...

sponsor a charity. Charity sites are often amenable to linking out to those who support their cause. The overall cost of a donation could be nothing compared to the value of a lifetime link from a well-placed charity. Also consider going beyond just a donation. Offer to do work of genuine value for the charity. Who service do you provide that they may need? Could you offer to help them market or design their website? Or you could write an article or feature story on their charity. It may take some effort, but these links can be pure gold for your online business, and it can be difficult for your competition to do the same, if they are lazy. Just think, not only are you creating a self-less link to your website from a charity, but you are also doing good. I know, it can be a pretty heavy concept in this day in age, when governors are selling senate seats to the highest bidders, but also remember a small deed can make a world of difference.

If you want to make a difference in the world and for your business, give us a call to immediately start building for a better 2009, or to request a free proposal online to begin. Volacci guarantees that by the end of your contract you’ll have enough additional business from your website to pay for our services or we’ll work for free until you do. We do it because your profit is our passion. From everyone here at Volacci, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Years! Stay safe and enjoy yourself.