Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 30th, 2008

Small Business. Big Strategy

big_small-dog-791610_0.jpgEven the smallest businesses can make a lot of noise. You just need to strategize well against the adversity of your industry. The whole gang here at Volacci realizes it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people to voluntarily link to commercial websites. This is a great opportunity to use the creative outlets of your employees to help develop a publishing strategy that has a non-commercial angle. Create an area, or a second site, that has utility beyond selling a product or service. It is much easier to get links when people know they aren’t going to be hassled. Create glossaries, unbiased information, review sites, blogs, wikis, or industry-based news sites. Once your new site has built up some link equity, then you can add your own advertising, or a link to your commercial site.

Ask yourself: What makes your business different? It is remarkable? Can you create a niche of information that only you are providing? Think small and you may just win big.

If your business is only one of the few sources for a particular field of information or study, you can build unique links and sites that will compete in saturated areas. Try not to compete directly with the big guns. Just keep trying to redefine your niche until you are unique. Provide information that solves a problem.

Once you’ve defined your uniqueness, take a step back and ask yourself again: “Would you link to it? Why would someone else link to you? Can you make the people linking to you look good? How does it compare to all your competitors. Here’s something that may sound crazy... try writing a favorable review about an indirect competitor. You might think that is absurd, but links will follow. Give us a call today to immediately start building your links for a better 2009, or to request a free proposal online to begin. Volacci guarantees that by the end of your contract you’ll have enough additional business from your website to pay for our services or we’ll work for free until you do. We do it because your profit is our passion.