Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 29th, 2008

Link Building for Small Businesses

link_building1_0.jpgSometimes it seems impossible to get noticed when you are not a big business. So you don’t have a recession-proof budget and your brand awareness doesn’t cause daydreams for hungry consumers. It can be challenging to build up your search engine optimization when you have a limited budget, you have a list of other things you need to do, and very little time to devote to this aspect of your marketing strategy. There is a way for small business to generate quality link building without selling appendages.

The first major advantage you have over a big business is your agility. It takes time for a big business to change. There are tons of sign-offs, meetings to set up meetings for meetings that require a meeting to have. There are too many lawyers, managers and shareholders that need to approve an undertaking such as SEO.

The small business, however, can move very quickly and efficiently. Are there aspects of your industry where reaction time is essential? Spotting emerging consumer trends and adjusting before the big guys can give you a financial advantage. You can use trend sites, such as Google Trends, to monitor news feeds that may be of interest and receive Google Alerts that will give you up-to-date news.

Big businesses find it very difficult to be controversial, yet controversy can be a great marketing tools for your business. Many bands have built their careers on controversy, such as Black Sabbath and Spinal Tap, with risks that went against the grain of the industry. I’m not suggesting you go bite the head of a pigeon or smell a glove, as they say in the music biz, but don’t be afraid to take a risk with something a bit out of the norm. Also look at controversial ideas that worked in other industries and see if you can make it your own. Give us a call today to immediately start building your links for a better 2009, or to request a free proposal online to begin. Your profit is our passion.