Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 23rd, 2008

Google Flexes Their Ad Muscles

adserver-mktshare-chart121808_0.jpgGoogle just re-laced up its Goliath boots again this month. A new ad serving market-share study by Attributor, a content-tracking firm, shows that Google is not only a juggernaut in search, but also in the ad-serving market. DoubleClick and AdSense are responsible for more than half of all online-ad-server calls, with 31% and 26% respectively. The next closest was Yahoo, at 10%, followed by AOL and Revenue Science, both at 7%. Microsoft, which owns the Atlas ad-serving system, had only 4% of the market.

One advantage that Google has, and for this particular study, was that it includes both display and text ads. Additionally, text ads and display ads were treated equally. It should be noted, however, that a publisher can often display three text ads where it would have room for only one display ad. On a heavier note, share figures for DoubleClick and AdSense were down 3% and 9%, respectively, from last January.

What surprised me the most was Microsoft’s low share of the market, which speaks to its need to partner with Yahoo. It’s important to note that Attributor’s figures don’t necessary represent the share of publishers each ad server works with.

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