Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 18th, 2008

Beware of Koobface

Facebook-Virus_0.jpgFor the past few weeks I have been a big advocate for social media and online networking, and discussing ways of how it can build your online business and brand during the recession. I feel I have some responsibility to warn you that there is a new computer virus that is making its way through the social networking site, Facebook, and is now spreading to other social media, such as MySpace, Friendster, MyYearbook, Bebo and Blackplanet. The name of our online killer is “Koobface”, aka “the Facebook virus”.

Koobface is a Trojan worm that, once infected in your computer, will spam your friends on the aforementioned sites and leave comments on their profiles. Comments will appear from your “profile” that says things like “Are you sure this is your first acting experience?”, “impressive, I’m sure this is you on this video”, and “I admire you”.

Koobface plays on the vanity of its victims, which should raise a flag to those socialites who are aware of the virus’ existence. The comments will all contain a link and take you to an off-site page that pretends to offer a video download from “YuoTube”, but then installs saying that you’ll need a new version of Adobe’s Flash Player installed in order to watch the video. If you click the button to proceed wit the install, you will become infected. Infected users are then directed to even more contaminated web sites when they try to use search engines, which puts users at high risk for identity theft.

Koobface is not the first virus to hit the social networks, but it has become the most widespread. The way it is being spread through social networking is more effective than before, with past viruses spreading through attachments or links in emails. We have become suspicious of spam email, so the virus writers are now hitting us where we are more vulnerable: in our social networks. I don’t want to discourage you from being social online, just a warning to be more cautious, because social networks will be the new breeding ground for computer viruses.

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