Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 15th, 2008

Google Goes Social

video_0.jpgGoogle announced last Thursday it’s launch of a Google Analytics Channel on Youtube, a one-stop source for the latest on Google Analytics-related videos. This is coming shortly after Google created videos to help people get to know the new enterprise-class analytical features for web-based research, launched this past October. The short videos gained so much notoriety and popularity, that Google was inspired to create more educational videos.

The new Google Analytics Youtube Channel covers anything from a beginner’s guide to interpreting and analyzing data to learning how to perform placement targeting in 60 seconds. One of the many highlights was the music video on Motion Charts, a humorous, yet helpful take on the new analytical feature. It also appears to be helpful for their programmers to unwind from their coffee and not take themselves too seriously. The purpose of the new analytics channel is to help Google understand what customers want to learn about and work on adding useful videos to the channel.

This is a great example of what I was discussing last week: new ways that businesses can spread their brand online and adapt their services into a social media. If your social-media communications platform is successful, your customers will create content around your brand. Customers creating positive content around your brand only strengthens your online identity and search engine optimization. Volacci wants your online business to succeed and soar above your competition. You should give us a call, or request a proposal, so you can avoid any possible marketing mis-steps in 2009. Helping you reach your potential is helping us reach ours, because your profit is our passion.