Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 10th, 2008

Catching a Social Buzz

Social_Media_Ball_0.jpgYesterday I discussed the opportunities of reinvesting in the customer relationship during the recession, and how it can benefit your bottom line in the future. I suggested nurturing your existing customer base through social media, without the recession elephant looming heavily in the room. I stressed the need for you to create a permanent online platform for social interaction, not a temporary promotional tool to leverage your customer into a larger bill.

However, you do need to leverage a social coefficient. Create a social forum that will also attract new customers to strengthen your base. Most people aren’t spending money right now, so their time online may be skewed towards social purposes.

You could easily catch a few potential customers window shopping for the future. But that doesn’t mean you should build this new social forum for your brand for whomever happens to click. You must build for those you think will be able to benefit the most from your services and share them with others. Brand evangelists, mavens of their community and the influencers of society can help your brand catch a social buzz online. Your efforts will be more appreciated, yield higher returns, and create better customers who will sing your praises to all who are listening.

If your social-media communications platform is successful, the actions of your customers will have both passively and actively created content around your brand. Customers creating positive content around your brand only strengthens your online identity and search engine optimization. You won’t have to close as many new clients, because your current customers have already convinced them in their research. Volacci wants your brand to have a social buzz online. Helping you reach your potential is helping us reach ours, because your profit is our passion.