Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 9th, 2008

Reinvest in the Customer Relationship

customer_tree_0.jpgThis week I am discussing different methods in creating marketing opportunities during the recessionary period we are currently facing. Alternative strategies that make it possible to stretch the ad budget, rather than under-invest and damage your long-term marketing strategies. We all know times are tough, shucks, its even hard to get a breath of fresh air nowadays. Hopefully, despite that glooming winter cough caused by none other than global warming, you will find this refreshing, like a deep breath on a warm, windy day.

Now is the perfect time to focus efforts on rebuilding the relationships you already have and take the “Re” cession to heart: Re-establish, Re-inforce and Re-invigorate that current customer base. Think of it as a very wise investment in your future, especially when we all want to walk lightly on our present thin ice. Nurture your current customer relationships through social media.

Social media sites are platforms for communication and connectivity that bring people closer to brands and to each other. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with your customers on a new level, without hearing the heavy breathing of the recession elephant in every room. But don’t just create a temporary, promotional tool. It must be a permanent area where people can interact with your brand the way they want to that will benefit them the most.

According to the Association of National Advertisers, respondents were asked to name their “preferred social media site for driving brand growth.” 32% of the respondents said “none.” This is an opportunity, not a threat. There is no better time to take advantage of the Late Majority, those slow movers, than right now. Being involved in social media, not only helps your brand, but also helps your SEO rankings. Volacci wants your brand to be successful, not only during the recession, but into the next digital age of the century. We want to be that deep breath on a windy day for your online business. Helping you reach your potential is helping us reach ours, because your profit is our passion.