Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 5th, 2008

The Formula Is Evolving

kitten_with_computer_mouse_0.jpgA new breed has been born. Companies specializing in the formula for an online ad have emerged with a unique approach to analyzing what makes the consumer “click”. Their argument could cause a shift in the advertising and marketing world, where the success has soared with a campaign based on a clever idea or emotional resonance. Analysis suggests that online ads may need to focus on whether the background is the right shade of tan, or whether the tag line is in a san serif font.

Let’s put this way. The hockey mom in Wisconsin may click on an ad for baby formula and purchase from a certain supplier because of the soft purple background and a picture of a bottle, rather than the light green background with a cute baby laughing that turns her back to her original search. This poses the question that may cause any Creative Director to have kittens: “How do you adjust creative ideas when they are taking a back seat to resounding quantitative data?”

The process is evolving. Advertising and marketing companies need to adjust their traditional process to survive in the digital age. This has created a breed of new companies that are taking a look at both sides of the ad equation. Using behavioral targeting and content analysis they can then put the ad’s appeal together on the fly. There is yet to be a perfect formula, so ads that are being tested may have hundreds of versions before there is a significant measure of effectiveness. There is no need for the strategically-creative community to buy a new litter box, they will just need to adjust to the evolving breed of the qualitative and quantitative online marriage.

The digital age is still young, and there is still a lot of technical growing pains to shake off. Volacci is passionate about helping your web site grow with an analytical foundation that keeps you a head of the competition.

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