Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 4th, 2008

The Truths of SEO Mythology

SEO-Web-Content.jpgFrom the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia to the industrialized and urbanized world communities of present day society, all human cultures are rich with the stories and lessons of mythology. People want to believe in the mystery of the unknown. In a time where world cultures are blending and gray areas emerge in all aspects of human interaction, the online culture is no different. The world of search engine optimization is filled with mythology that reflects its own evolution into an online culture and community. I would like to explore three prevalent myths that are gaining mystery online.

MYTH #1: SEO is influenced by PPC (pay-per-click) and that a website will not rank well organically unless it invests heavily in a PPC campaign and, secondly, that paid ads lead to a higher position (in this case, a worse position).

TRUTH #1: A search engine’s success comes down to offering searchers relevant results to their search. If it can’t, it will lose to it’s competition. That means whether or not a site has paying adverts or not should not influence the organic results. It’s about the content, not who are the highest paying customers.

MYTH #2: Once SEO ranking is gained in search engines, you can sit back and enjoy the view.

TRUTH #2: SEO is not a short-term strategy, it is an on-going commitment. You cannot just add some copy here and there and put off updating your website. Committing a specific amount of time and money to SEO and stopping once the envelope is empty, will only cause your short-term gains and solid SEO foundation to deteriorate. Not only that, but will also influence your overall marketing strategy. Although you spend some money building that foundation, you pay less in the long term to keep yourself at the top.

MYTH #3: One tactic, done well, continues to work.

TRUTH #3: Some people will read one article glorifying one tactic of SEO and don’t believe anything else will work. Do pro football teams win games by running the same play every down, even if it works for the first score? I can understand the hesitance for companies first experiencing SEO, it can be difficult to grasp the value of implementing various other tactics when the first play picked up a huge chunk of yardage. Trust me, to run a decent, or even great, optimization campaign, you must explore the value of other proven tactics.

Myths are known to hold certain truths in their telling, but more times than not, its a telling of a lesson learned. Here at Volacci, we have learned our lessons and not only understand the value of various tactics, but also the value of your overall online business. We want to help you overcome the myths of SEO, because your profit is our passion.