Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 3rd, 2008

To Widget or Not To Widget

shakespeare_book.jpgLost in the vast sea of marketing communications the unwanted forms of strategic expression float away through the murky darkness and into the abyss of solace and silence. Cast you away, classified ad. Be gone, informational brochure. Don’t make this difficult, direct mail. Bye bye, billboard. The time is right to be rid of radio. These are earthly expressions of a less-civilized society. The new world of calculated and cunning communications exists online.

The vision of the future doesn’t hold a pen with a car insurance’s logo proudly plastered on it, or a refrigerator magnet of a lawyer’s dutiful DUI lesson. You should no longer linger in the luxury of a coozy, keychain, or calendar made to readily remind you every time you swig a soda, open a car door, or check the date that some business is number one, the best, or greatest in the town, city, state, country, or world.

No, this is no longer a world of attracting the attention of the old lady at a check-out line. The new world of calculated and cunning communications exists online.

Oh, the opportunity of online, driven by digital, but what wonderful ways to win their attention can we communicate carefully? Why, what about the widget? A whatsit?! A widget is just like those pesky pens, those magical magnets that have been done digitally. These compact, portable little software applications, from video players to countdown clocks, are inexpensive to use and always delivering the ad message. A magical connection between the marketer and the consumer, not only replacing the keychain but drastically outperforming it. Have you heard that airline’s ‘DING!’ like Pavlov’s dog to millions of wanderers? Face it, there are 500 million socially-networked marketing consumers who gaze 1,200 times a month at their screen, generously generating 600 billion basic opportunities for your widget to wedge itself into their money-spending memories.

Volacci values your business and prides in your profits. We want to wipe away your whines and worries with new and natural online opportunities to create conversions. We promise profusely that calculated and cunning communications that strategically and socially brandish your business will create conversions by the end of our illustrious relationship, or we will work free until you do. Request a proposal or call us today, because your profit is our passion.